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Designed to provide users with the tools to control content and protect their brand, the system automatically bans, deletes and flags unwanted words, phrases or spam every 45 seconds.

Advanced Moderation


  • Speed of moderation (Average 45 seconds)
  • 24/7 moderation
  • Robust system
  • Fully scalable (Microsft Azure)
  • Custom keyword lists
  • Email alerts
  • Ban users
  • Moderation on the move
  • Moderation filters
  • 5 seconds undo feature

Syocial Spam Prevention System

  • Prevents content that has violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilites.
  • The type of content this would refer to includes:
  • Inappropriate links
  • Senders of unsolicited bulk text
  • Suspicious activity or content
  • Automatic links

Syocial Keyword List

  • Syocial keywords have various levels of moderation, customised to the user’s requirements.
  • Banned keywords – comments and posts are automatically deleted when words match the banned keyword list.
  • Flagged keywords – the system scans content to identify any posts that feature keywords in the flagged list and will notify the moderator with a raised flag.
  • Approved keywords – the moderator has the ability to customise the approved keywords list so particular words are not flagged or banned.

Email or Alert to the Moderator

  • Syocial automatically sends emails and alerts for flagged keywords, allowing the moderator to view the post and decide whether the content should be approved or deleted.
  • The email alert frequency has four standard options:
  • As it happens
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Ban Repeat Offenders

  • Syocial can ban fans from an individual Page or network of Pages if they post defamatory keywords.



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