Learn how to publish to many pages

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Post and Publishing

Publish messages to one or many Pages. Posts can be sent to groups, scheduled or set on a recurring basis.

Post and Publishing


  • Publish to individual or multiple Pages
  • Send to groups and Pages
  • Auto spell check
  • Email notifications
  • Time zone postings
  • Schedule posts to set dates and times
  • Preview posts

Send to Groups or Pages

  • Syocial allows users to create groups in order to categorise Pages.
  • Users can select a specific Group to message, enabling convenient, customised and quick posting to numerous Pages.
  • Create Groups
  • Edit Groups
  • Add Groups
  • Link Pages

Scheduled Post

  • This feature is one of the unique tools about Syocial.
  • Future campaigns and posts can be easily scheduled, months in advance and out-of-working-hours. The system has the added benefit of allowing removal dates for posts. This is useful for brands and companies that are offering sales promotions for a limited time.

Post Preview

  • Users have the advantage of previewing a message before it is posted live.
  • Videos, images, links and text can be reviewed to ensure the content is correct.



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